relationship workshops

  • Stop unwanted patterns and create more happiness
  • Develop a relationship vision
  • Learn the secret to true, lasting love
  • Speak your partner’s love language
  • Deepen your emotional and physical intimacy

happiness coaching

  • Unleash your joy!
  • Define what really makes you happy
  • Choose empowering beliefs
  • Banish negative patterns
  • Learn the steps to forgiveness
  • Learn to embrace your emotions

Goals Coaching for Small Business

  • Define what success means to you
  • Discover useful tools and methodologies
  • Overcome doubt
  • Step on the bridge to your dreams
  • Start feeling successful NOW!
  • Find your accountability partners here

Relationship Workshop

Take your relationship from good to amazing!

Finally, practical tools to take your relationship to the next level. Commit to creating an enlightened relationship and register today!


therapeutic art workshops


  • Journaling Workshops
  • Paint Nights
  • Art & Emotion Workshops

 Discover your life purpose


  • Discover your real purpose in life
  • How has “conditioning” held you back
  • Understand what’s influencing you
  • Eliminate unwanted BS in your life

wellness @ work



  • Do your staff feel valued?
  • Is stress affecting their performance?
  • Is absenteeism affecting your bottom line?
  • Discover how your Company can become an Employer of choice!