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Have You Heard About AQ?

Have You Hear of Adaptability Quotient? (AQ)

AQ is the ability to adjust course, product, service, and strategy in response to unanticipated changes in the market. I cannot think of a situation in recent times that required this ability more than right now.

Covid 19 is unlikely to be leaving us anytime soon and as we scramble to keep our lives and businesses intact, we can only benefit by taking a good look at both our own AQ skills and those of our employees. Afterall, NASA includes AQ as a key characteristic when recruiting prospective astronauts and the BBC stated AQ as the X-factor for career advancement and leadership. And, that was before we had to deal with a world- wide pandemic.

At this point, the ability to stay afloat relies heavily on how fast and how efficiently your business and its people adapt. The windows of opportunity are small and the quicker you can adjust, re-learn and take action, may well be your saving grace.

5 Ways you can improve your teams AQ:

  • Develop an environment where viewing situations from multiple perspectives is encouraged. Allow time for your employees to give their perspective and encourage team members to listen without judgement.
  • Inspire employees to learn new and diverse skills sets outside of their current job requirements. This will enable them to handle unknown circumstances both now and in the future.
  • Having the ability to change direction due to new evidence is vital. Lead by example. Learn to communicate the need for change in a way that fosters excitement rather than fear.
  • Encourage curiosity and an openness to change. Help them to imagine what the result of positive change might be and how this could benefit them.
  • Accept that empathy is a mandatory leadership skill. Be gentle with your team and yourself. Developing a high AQ team may take time as together, you develop new skills and new ways of interacting.

The ability to accept and adapt to change ultimately separates the winners from the losers in good times and bad. A UK study found that 91 per cent of HR decision-makers surveyed, valued candidates with the ability to “cope with change” above all else. How effectively does your team navigate change?

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