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2 Must See Documentaries

2 'Must See' Documentaries

To Reboot Your Perspective

I love watching “real-life” stories and these two doccies are so worth taking some time out of your weekend to top-up your inspiration or a gain a different perspective and broaden your thoughts.

Doccie Number 1 – The Dawn Wall

This is an inspiring account of tremendous physical and mental strength. I found it completely riveting and was totally awed as I watched American free climbers, Tommy Caldwell and his climbing partner, Kevin Jorgeson, make climbing history. In January 2015, over a course of 19 days, they conquered the legendary Dawn Wall section of El Capitan, a 3000 ft. vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park.

While the “miracle” unfolds, it soon becomes evident that this is not just about free climbing. You are taken along on a journey of emotional ups and downs and path that teaches that success is available to all if we are prepared develop a growth mindset and overcome the beliefs that hold us back. A tale of how managing your thoughts, even when your heart is broken, can be rewarded with more than you imagined. A commentary of how beating single mindedness and being prepared to face the possibility of sacrificing your own success to see someone else succeed is more precious than being victorious on your own. If you are feeling a little down, despondent or demotivated, this is the doccie for you!

Doccie Number 2 – My Octopus Teacher

Warning! This one is a tear-jerker. To start with, the cinematography is absolutely beautiful. This South African story not only raises our awareness of the beautiful ecology of the kelp forest on our coastline, but also tells the story of a most unusual relationship. Craig Foster’s story touches the deep-rooted emotions we share with everything around us and how, if we only take the time to look, to really look, the world reveals many beautiful gifts to us.

Debilitated by adrenal fatigue, Craig’s story begins at a low point in his life. He finds solace in free diving in the rough Cape waters and it is here that he meets his “lady”. A shy, eight tentacled octopus. Craig describes his fascination with this creature as an “obsession of sorts”. For months he braves rough seas and ominous weather to find out more about her and eventually gains her trust. The relationship that develops between them is heart-warming and enchanting. As she shares her world with him, he finds healing and purpose. Incredibly beautiful on so many levels.

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