Prepared & Present Teachers In 4 Mindful Steps

Prepared & Present Teachers In 4 Mindful Steps

Guest Blog – Educator and Facilitator, Claire Bergh

Educators are often givers and are emotionally invested and connected to the children whose lives they touch each and every day. After having to face the challenges of a year like 2020, teachers may feel depleted or despondent and find themselves exhausted even before the new year has begun.

With this in mind, now is the best time for educators to reconnect with why it is that they do what they do.

In my upcoming webinar, I will be sharing 4 mindful steps on how to approach the new school year being positive, prepared, and present. Not just physically but present as your whole, best educator self.

Step 1 – Why we chose to do what we do. 

I will guide you through this very personal journey and take you back to the beginning, put aside what you have learned over the years and rediscover why it is that you first chose to do what you do. Taking this step to heart is important as the other steps will hardly feel worth it if you don’t.

Step 2 – How we present ourselves to the world.

In this step, I will discuss how to create a feeling of approachability in the classroom. Not just by the way we dress or the practicality of what we wear, but a deeper look at how we talk, move and present ourselves and how this sets a tone between the learner and the teacher.

Step 3 – How we prepare our environment.

Many of our children come from unstable home lives and come to school with a need for a more settled environment. If we can provide this, we can enable learning. A child that does not feel safe cannot learn. This important step must be addressed before an educator can perform their primary role and main expectation which is to educate. We can only do this when the child is ready to receive it – in a safe place.

Step 4 – The role of the teacher.

Our role as a teacher, extends beyond what your educational facility expects of you or what your curriculum is asking of you. We will explore a deeper understanding of what role we fulfil in the classroom. There are many words we can use to describe a teacher and this often links back to the first point – why we chose to do what we do.

I will be sharing tips on how to approach the new year and settle into new circumstances with a sense of purpose and on a positive note.

About Claire

Claire shares her knowledge in a gentle yet powerful way that is testament to her passion for her chosen field. She is a seasoned educator and a mom of three. Claire has worked with children for the past 26 years and is Montessori trained and experienced. Her experience includes the home-schooling system, play therapy, learning centres and mainstream schools. Having worked with a variety of methods and different age groups, Claire feels privileged to have these different influences that have helped to inspire her to do what she does every day with both passion and pride.

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