Prepared & Present Teachers In 4 Mindful Steps

Educators are often givers and are emotionally invested and connected to the children whose lives they touch each and every day. After having to face the challenges of a year like 2020, teachers may feel depleted or despondent and find themselves exhausted even before the new year has begun. With this in mind, now is the best time for educators to reconnect with why it is that they do what they do.

Small Business

All You Need to Know about Share certificates and Share registers in a Small Business

As Entrepreneurs we all start our business with a passion, skill or experience in our certain industry, product or service. We know the product and sometimes even how to market it, but no one ever taught us how to run a business, much less all the statutory requirements and periodic responsibilities that go along with it.

Personal Development

2 Must See Documentaries

2 ‘Must See’ Documentaries To Reboot Your Perspective I love watching “real-life” stories and these two doccies are so worth taking some time out of your weekend to top-up your inspiration or a gain a different perspective and broaden your thoughts. Doccie Number 1 – The Dawn Wall This is an inspiring account of tremendousRead More