Educator Training

Training for Educators:

Available online or at your premises

  • Understanding School Finance – A course for Teachers
  • Finance for the Non-Financial Manager – A course for School Management Teams
  • Diversity in Schools
  • Restorative Discipline
  • Safety at School
  • Dealing with Bullying
  • Effective Strategies in Teaching Mathematics (for Grades 4 to 7)
  • Managing Poor Work Performance
  • How to keep staff discipline
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Managing Absenteeism
  • Handling Matters at the CCMA
  • Initiating Disciplinary Hearings
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings
  • Rules of Evidence
  • When is it harassment – Schools Edition
  • Discrimination in the Workplace – Schools Edition
  • Misconduct and Incapacity
  • SGB Training – Roles and Responsibilities
  • POPI Act for schools
  • Popi Staff Awareness training
  • Exemptions training
  • Dealing with Bad Debt and debt collection for schools
  • Social Media and Electronic Policies
  • Teacher Etiquette for New Teachers and Teacher Assistants
  • Keeping staff discipline for SGB staff
  • Assertiveness
  • Creating a Growth Mindset for your Classroom
  • Positive Classroom discipline
  • Practical tips to engage with Parents
  • Conflict Management and Resolutions
  • Vaccinations in the Workplace
  • Using Canva to create Teacher Resources
  • Cognitive Levels of Teaching & Assessing (Blooms Taxonomy, Barrett’s)
  • WhatsApp Groups for Schools – the Do’s and Don’ts
  • First Aid Training (Levels 1, 2 and 3)
  • Fire Training (basic)
  • Fire Training & Evacuation (Fire Marshall)
  • Safety Induction
  • SHE Representative training
  • Trauma Talk
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Trauma Wise
  • The Importance of Mentorship for Teachers
  • 5 Emotional Intelligence Must Have’s
  • Wellbeing at Work
  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Making Peace with your Inner Critic
  • Powerful Ways to Create Open Communication
  • Dealing with Resignations
  • The Art of Exit Interviewing
  • Powerful Ways to Create Open Communication in Your Team

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