Psychological First Aid

Psychological First Aid

We are exceptionally proud to offer this highly valuable training around trauma in the workplace.

The workplace is a community, and when the people who form part of this community provide support to those involved in traumatic situations, the community will survive, discover healing and move towards thriving. 

Psychological First Aid is a resource that can assist a company in developing a supportive workplace community that understands, and is sensitive to the needs of a trauma victim.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) involves:

  • Giving practical care and support that does not intrude
  • Assessing needs and concerns
  • Comforting people and helping them to feel calm
  • Helping people connect to information, services and social supports
  • Protecting people from further harm


  • Something only professionals can give
  • Professional counselling
  • A clinical or psychiatric intervention (although it can be part of good clinical care)
  • Psychological debriefing
  • Asking someone to analyse what happened to them or to put time and events in order
  • Pressing people to tell you their story
  • Asking people details about how they feel or what happened

Join Director of Trauma SA, Philip Stoneman for this highly valuable Psychological First Aid (PFA) webinar series where he will share:

  • What PFA is and is not
  • The place of PFA in overall response
  • Who, when and where of PFA
  • The “Action” Principles of  ‘ LOOK, LISTEN, LINK’
  • Good communication skills
  • People who MAY OR / likely need special attention
  • Adapting PFA to the local context – YOUR CORPORATE COMMUNITY
  • Caring for yourself and your team members

Employees affected by trauma have difficulty coping. This results in diminished work performance, absenteeism, conflict and lowered levels of motivation. Added to this, heightened anxiety and rising fear can lead to reduced levels of co-operation, engagement and problem solving skills. 

“Peer support and self-help are useful and cost-effective tools in helping survivors overcome the shame that often accompanies trauma, and these tools also provide leadership, motivation and guidance.”  (Ann Jennings Ph D, 2004)


Philip Stoneman is the Founding Director of “Trauma Support SA” (TSSA) and is currently involved with providing on scene assistance, trauma counselling and training Community Based First Responders. 

Philip is a qualified HW Seta Assessor in Victim Empowerment, he holds his Bachelors in Counselling Psychology and is a member of the International Society for Traumatic Stress

For the past 19 years he has been on the fore front of assisting victims of crime in the community, first as a Chaplain with the Emergency Services, then as founding Director of the iThemba Rape and Trauma Support Centre, an organization which has assisted close on 3500 sexual violence survivors over a 7 year period.  Philip has also been a trainer for the South African Institute for Traumatic Stress (SAITS) and facilitated a number of workshops for SAITS for the Gauteng Department of Health and Department of Community Safety.


5 Part Series - via Zoom

Session 1 – 8 July – 90 Minutes

Session 2 – 15 July  – 90 Minutes

Session 3 – 22 July – 90 Minutes

Session 4 – 29 July- 90 Minutes

Session 5 – 5 August- 90 Minutes

Time: 11h00 - 12h30

Cost: R1950 per person


PLEASE NOTE: Once we have received your registration, we will be in contact with you to arrange payment and provide you with the necessary info in order to attend Philip’s training. We look forward to seeing you there.

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