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Small Business Spotlight

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We love small businesses. The courage and determination that it takes to run a small business in these difficult times makes small business owners a very special breed indeed. You wear so many hats and have the ability to be the marketing director one moment and a sales guru the next. You are eager to learn new skills and no job is too big or too small. Often you do this on your own. Nobody to bounce ideas off or to cheer you on and tell you you’re doing an amazing job. Or maybe, you have questions about how you can get your small business name out to more people. Enter Small Business Spotlight!

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Every two weeks, we will be running a live Small Business Spotlight via Zoom where we will be chatting to 5 small business owners. If you would like to be guest speaker and have the opportunity to showcase your small business while encouraging and inspiring other small businesses, here is your opportunity. Please complete the registration form below.

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Tax Shop Bedfordview provides bookkeeping, accounting, tax, payroll and statutory services to small businesses and individuals.

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