Women on Top

Looking for an engaging Speaker this Women's Month?

Women on Top

This woman’s month, join adventurer, mountaineer, coach and professional speaker, Molly de Jager as she shares her story about climbing the world’s highest mountain, overcoming fear, competing in a ‘man’s world’ and succeeding against the odds.

Women often see ambition as being male orientated and associate the word with egotism, self-centredness, or self-promotion while men tend to see ambition as a very necessary part of being successful. Why is that?

As young girls, we dream of being an actress, a famous artist or an Olympic athlete but for many, those thoughts dwindle as time passes by and ‘life happens’. We have important responsibilities and little time. We become accustomed to putting our dreams on hold and our ambitions become secondary to coping with everyday life. Developing a healthy sense of ambition is tricky but can lead to an increase in creativity and motivation, higher performance levels, and a deeper sense of joy and satisfaction both professionally and personally.

The pandemic has not done us any favours in this regard but now it’s time to find inspiration, hit the play button and reclaim our ambition.

Book now for this amazing talk, at your premises or online and make this woman’s month one that your ladies will not forget.


For two decades, Molly has been pursuing her goal of climbing the 7 summits – the highest mountain on each continent. Her story will invigorate all to have the courage to achieve that they are afraid to do, and see how an ordinary person can achieve extra-ordinary heights.

She has inspired corporate, schools, sports teams and large groups of men and women with her high altitude experiences.

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Molly and the mountains was truly an astonishing story, of having a dream that can change your world and those around you. It touched me deeply, because it is honest and vulnerable as well as tough and gutsy. It sparked hope and inspired me to pursue the dream woven into my very being…in spite of life happening.
Karin Aucamp
My company, MetSkill, asked Molly to speak at our year end function. My employees benefitted from her strong motivational messages and started working towards new goals. Everyone I know who has listened to Molly has gained a new enthusiasm for setting a new path in their lives or reviving an old dream.
Over the years I have had the opportunity of hearing many motivational and inspirational speakers across all spectrums and was privileged to host Molly at our last Women’s Day event as one of our key note speakers. Her story is both inspirational and heart wrenching and left all our guests very touched and inspired. She is engaging with her audience and her talk is ‘gripping’ leaving guests wanting to listen to her again and follow her ongoing story on social media. She breaks the mould of the typical motivational speaker and rather inspires her audience with her very real stories which in turn are directly related to each and every one listening to her in their own lives. I would recommend Molly as a speaker at any event at the drop of a hat as she really has something special and different to offer.
“Our thanks to you for being with us and a truly sincere and inspirational talk today. I really did mean what I said about being the best presentation that we have had in our several years of running the Green Business Platform. I have been fortunate in seeing and hearing many talks and from what I saw today I believe you will be making a powerful impact on many people’s lives. You certainly touched many today.”
A Barker
Chairman - KlipSA
“Your presentation was truly inspirational for me… I may not be a mountain climber but your advice and words keep me going every single day! Your presentation has given me the strength to get through a lot of my ups and downs!”
Jade Lohan
Rietvlei Soccer Park

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